'The 21st Century Revolution' by Bruce Nixon

Bruce Nixon (PPE, 1952) has published a book, The 21st Century Revolution - A Call to Greatness.

"This book is for people all over the world who want to prevent environmental catastrophe and create a happier, fairer, more peaceful world. It will help readers make sense of the situation, find solutions and decide how to participate in bringing about the radical changes that are needed.

 The greatest challenges in human history

  • Climate Chaos and Destruction of the Eco-system
  • Growing Economic Injustice
  • Resolving Conflict without Violence and Valuing Difference
  • Radical Reform of out-dated Democracy
  • And, that key part, the need for “ordinary people” to inform and empower themselves.

All these are interrelated; everything is connected. For instance the tragedy of mass migration results from this mix. So this book offers whole system analysis and whole system solutions."

Bruce is a veteran change agent, writer, speaker, facilitator and activist. You can find more information on his work at

You can read more about the book on Bruce's website: