The Digital News Project 2016

Introducing the Digital News Report - the world’s largest comparative international survey of changing news habits.

The RISJ’s Digital News Project is documenting the decline of traditional television viewing, the rapid rise of online video viewing and asking questions about what this means for the future of news production and consumption around the world.

Television viewing figures in the UK and the US have declined by 3 to 4% a year on average since 2012 – directly comparable to the decline in print readership seen by newspapers during the 2000s. The decline is particularly pronounced amongst younger people. Meanwhile, the rise of video-sharing sites, video-on-demand services and social media-integrated video means that younger audiences watch more and more online video.

In this video David Levy, the Director of the RISJ, introduces the Digital News Project as the world’s largest comparative international survey of changing news habits. The research will continue to track the transition of the news industry towards an increasingly digital and multiā€platform future.

2016 will see an expanded team of researchers, sponsors and collaborators explore trends and developments across  26 countries, working towards the Reuters Institute’s ambition to exist as a key reference point and resource for the global news industry.


The research programme’s latest reports are available online:

What is happening to television news? by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen and Richard Sandbrook

Public Service News and Digital Media by Annika Sehl, Alessio Cornia and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Editorial Analytics: how news media are developing and using audience data and metrics by Federica Cherubini and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Journalism, Media and Technology Predictions, 2016 by Nic Newman

Digital News Report from RISJ