Dr Tracy Beck Fenwick publishes ‘Avoiding Governors: Federalism, Democracy, and Poverty Alleviation in Brazil and Argentina’

DPIR alumna Tracy Beck Fenwick has just published a book entitled ‘Avoiding Governors: Federalism, Democracy, and Poverty Alleviation in Brazil and Argentina’, in which she explores the origins and rise of conditional cash transfer programs (CCTs) in the region, and then traces the politics and evolution of specific programs in Brazil and Argentina.

“Tracy Beck Fenwick makes a compelling argument about the conditions that either facilitate or retard one of the most important social policy innovations of the contemporary period, which is the turn toward the use of conditional cash transfers to break the intergenerational transmission of poverty. Her core interest in how different levels of government interact in the provision of social services has become a question of great import. With respect to the recent literatures on decentralization, federalism, and subnational governments in Latin America more generally, Avoiding Governors is by far the most sophisticated attempt yet to integrate municipal governments more directly into the theoretical frameworks we use to study intergovernmental relations.” —Kent Eaton, professor of politics, University of California, Santa Cruz

The book can be purchased here:

Dr Tracy Beck Fenwick is Director, Australian Centre for Federalism; Lecturer in Political Science at the School of Politics and IR.