Arts and Humanities Research Council - Standard Research Grant

Research-external funding
Rolling deadline
Grants of between £50,000 and £1 million

This grant supports collaborative research projects that require leadership from more than one scholar. You must include a principal investigator and at least one co-investigator jointly involved in the development and management of the project and co-authored research outputs.

You can apply for funding of between £50,000 and £1 million (full economic cost) for projects of up to five years.

There is also an early careers research grant for smaller projects with funding of up to £250,000.

You can apply if you are a researcher at an eligible research organisation including:

  • UK higher education institutions that receive grant funding from one of the UK higher education funding bodies
  • UKRI-recognised research institutes
  • UKRI-recognised independent research organisations
  • UKRI-recognised public sector research establishments (PSREs).

Your proposal must include a principal investigator and at least one co-investigator. Each team member must contribute to:

  • the development of the research proposal
  • project leadership and management
  • joint publication of authored research.

Principal investigators must be actively engaged in postdoctoral research and be of postdoctoral standing. This means you must have a doctorate or can demonstrate in your application that you have equivalent research experience or training. You must have a level of skills, knowledge and experience that is appropriate to your proposed project.

You must be either:

  • employed by the research organisation submitting the proposal
  • have an existing written formal arrangement with the research organisation confirming that you will be able to carry out the research as if you were an employee
  • scheduled to move to the research organisation before the proposed start date of the grant.

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