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From a British to a Chinese Colony? Hong Kong Society in the Past and Today

This is a past event
09:00 am
Gary Luk
Programme:09:10-09:20Welcoming Speech (Nissan Lecture Theatre)Margaret MacMillan, Warden of St Antonys College09:45-11:00Keynote Speech (Nissan Lecture Theatre)Steve Tsang (Nottingham): The Forging of the Core Values of Hong Kong11:30-13:00Panel 1: British Rule in Hong Kong, 1841-1997 (Nissan Lecture Theatre)Kaori Abe (Bristol): The Compradors in Hong Kong, 1830s to 1880sFelicia Yap (LSE): At the Edge of Empire: Eurasians, Portuguese and Baghdadi Jewish Communities in British Hong KongDavid Clayton (York): TBC14:00-15:30Panel 2: From British Hong Kong to PRC Hong Kong: Continuity and Change (Nissan Lecture Theatre) Sonia Lam (Oxford): Language as Governmental Mechanism for Societal Control: A Hong Kong Case StudyMeaghan Marian (U of T): Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong: A Shifting Symbol of Identity and PowerLida Nedilsky (North Park University): Choice and Commitment: Cultural Legacies of British Colonialism and Christianity in Hong Kong15:45-17:15Panel 3: Hong Kong after 1997: Post-colonial or Re-colonial? (Nissan Lecture Theatre)Chapman Chen (University of Eastern Finland): Postcolonial Hong Kong as a City-StateAllen Chun (Academic Sinica): Assessing the Relevance of Post-colonial Theory to Hong Kong Society, Past and PresentKevin Carrico (Cornell): From Citizens back to Subjects: An Ethnographic Investigation of Tai Pos National Education CenterPanel 4: Hong Kong, China and the World (FDR Seminar Room)Zardas Lee (HKU): Domestic Repression and External Relations: Film Censorship in British Hong Kong, 1950s to 1960sChristopher Sutton (University of East Anglia): Education in the Cold War: Hong Kongs Answer to Southeast Asias ProblemHoward Chiang (Warwick): Queering Chineseness through Hong Kong Filmic Culture: A Sinophone Rereading of Stanley Kwans Lan Yu