'Global Informality'

This is a past event
15:00 pm -
16:15 pm - Thu, 16 Feb 2017
Bo Rothstein, Julien Labonne; Jonathan Wolff (Blavatnik School of Government)
Prof. Alena Ledeneva (University College London)
Blavatnik School of Government Research Seminars Hilary Term 2017

All seminars at the Blavatnik School of Government 3.00-4.15 pm.

January 19. Karthik Ramanna, BSG: The End of Leadership?

January 26. Prof. Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, Aarhus Univeristy: Respect and discrimination

February 2. Pepper Culpepper: BSG: Public Anger, Business Power, and the Regulation of Finance in the UK and the US

February 9. Karlijn Morsink, Department of Economics, Oxford U. The Power to Protect. Bargaining Power and Female Condom Use in Mozambique

February 16: Prof. Alena Ledeneva, University College London: Global Informality

February 23: Simona Piattoni, University of Trento: From Clientelism to Corruption

March 2: Maya Tudor: BSG: Explaining the Emergence of Democratic Competition: Lessons from India

March 9: Prof. David Torsello, Central European University. Corruption in Public Administration: An Anthropological Perspective