Podcast Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford / test date test date 1 Podcast: Inducement and Smaller-States' Triple Trade-offs: Southeast Asian Responses to China's Belt and Road Initiative Policy is about trade-offs, more so in the realm of external affairs. This is especially true for weaker and smaller states faced with material inducement from big power, as their inherent limitations and... /podcast-series/podcast-inducement-and-smaller-states-triple-trade-offs-southeast-asian-responses-to-chinas-belt-and-road-initiative.html 16497 December 13 2017 materials/news/16497/_thumb1/img3355.JPG Podcast: Political Remittances and Political Transnationalism This is a 3-part podcast series produced by Félix Krawatzek and Lea Muller-Funk and created by Emma Chippendale as part of a workshop held at Nuffield College, Oxford University, on 19 and 20 June 2017 on Political... /podcast-series/podcast-political-remittances-and-political-transnationalism.html 16486 November 29 2017 materials/news/16486/_thumb1/shutterstock249276103.jpg Podcast: How should we approach the paradox of violence in pursuit of peace and equality? Nick Hewlett from the University of Warwick speaks at this Trinity Term's final Ideas and Political Violence Seminar. /podcast-series/podcast-how-should-we-approach-the-paradox-of-violence-in-pursuit-of-peace-and-equality.html 16346 June 22 2017 materials/news/16346/_thumb1/img9400.JPG Podcast: Reconciling Narratives of Conflict and Peace in Contemporary Myanmar Matthew Walton, Aung San Suu Kyi Senior Research Fellow in Modern Burmese Studies at St Antony’s College, speaks at the Ideas and Political Violence Seminar. /podcast-series/podcast-reconciling-narratives-of-conflict-and-peace-in-contemporary-myanmar.html 16344 June 22 2017 materials/news/16344/_thumb1/img9181.JPG Podcast: Political Liberalism, Revisited: The Upsurge in Populism and How to Cope with It Alessandro Ferrara, Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, gives the keynote address at the 2017 Oxford Graduate Political Theory Conference. /podcast-series/podcast-political-liberalism-revisited-the-upsurge-in-populism-and-how-to-cope-with-it.html 16342 June 22 2017 materials/news/16342/_thumb1/dsc0107.jpg Podcast Series: 'You Looking at Me, Looking at You: Brexit Britain and the World' Academics, journalists and researchers gathered at St Antony's College in May 2017 to discuss the impact of Brexit within the UK and beyond from a variety of geographic perspectives. /podcast-series/podcast-series-you-looking-at-me-looking-at-you-brexit-britain-and-the-world.html 16295 June 21 2017 materials/news/16295/_thumb1/brexitconf.jpg