Podcast RSS Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford / test date test date 1 Podcast: Comparing Political Violence in Bosnia and Northern Ireland Siniša Malešević, Full Professor in the School of Sociology at University College Dublin, speaks at the second Ideas and Political Violence seminar.  /podcast-series/podcast-comparing-political-violence-in-bosnia-and-northern-ireland.html 16282 May 19 2017 materials/news/16282/_thumb1/img8735.JPG Podcast: Auxiliary Armed Forces in Civil Wars Dr Corinna Jentzsch from Leiden University discusses the concept of auxiliary armed forces and how it applies to both government militias and insurgent police forces, with a focus on the African context in general and... /podcast-series/podcast-auxiliary-armed-forces-in-civil-wars.html 16271 May 12 2017 materials/news/16271/_thumb1/img8606.JPG DPIR TechTalks Podcast: 'Ecological inference with distribution regression: Voting behaviour in US elections' Seth Flaxman, from the Oxford's Department of Statistics, explains how he has used data to enable predictive analysis of US elections. By using ecological inference and census data, Seth has estimated not only “exit... /podcast-series/dpir-techtalks-ecological-inference-with-distribution-regression-voting-behaviour-in-us-elections.html 16267 May 11 2017 materials/news/16267/_thumb1/techtalk-ecologicaltweaked.jpg Podcast Series: 'Ideas & Political Violence' Over the course of Hilary Term (January to March) and Trinity Term 2017 (April to June), the Department of Politics and International Relations is convening a new seminar series on Ideas and Political Violence.   /podcast-series/podcast-series-ideas-political-violence.html 16158 April 10 2017 materials/news/16158/_thumb1/ipvlandscapeshrunk.jpg Podcast: 'Trade Deals vs Democracy: Where the Two Shall Meet' In the fall of 2016, Wallonia’s Minister-President Paul Magnette, of Belgium’s Francophone Socialist party, stepped into global spotlight as “the man who made Canada weep”, “the icon of democracy” or a “trade... /podcast-series/podcast-trade-deals-vs-democracy-where-the-two-shall-meet.html 16131 March 30 2017 materials/news/16131/_thumb1/img7062.JPG Podcast: 'Fear and Loathing in International Relations’ (Cyril Foster Lecture 2017) Sir Lawrence Freedman, Emeritus Professor or War Studies at King's College London, and Visiting Professor at Oxford's Blavatnik School of Government delivered the 2017 Cyril Foster Lecture to a large audience at the... /podcast-series/cyril-foster-lecture-2017-fear-and-loathing-in-international-relations.html 16103 March 20 2017 materials/news/16103/_thumb1/lecture-image.jpg Podcast: 'Violence and Nonviolence in Contentious Politics' Kimberly Hutchings (Queen Mary University of London)and Elizabeth Frazer (DPIR) discuss political violence, the justifications for political violence, and how these justifications have been conceptualized in canonical... /podcast-series/podcast-violence-and-nonviolence-in-contentious-politics.html 16157 March 13 2017 materials/news/16157/_thumb1/gun-8018361920.jpg Podcast: 'The Destructive Power of Manichean Ideologies' Roger Griffin (Oxford Brookes University) discusses violence through the lense of Manichean ideology. /podcast-series/podcast-the-destructive-power-of-manichean-ideologies.html 16092 March 10 2017 materials/news/16092/_thumb1/roger-griffin.jpg Podcast: 'Illiberal Democracy? Poland in a Comparative Perspective' At the fourth annual Leszek Kolakowski Lecture, Wolfgang Merkel of WZB Berlin Social Science Centre discusses the concept of defective democracies, with a focus on the case of Poland in European comparison.  /podcast-series/illiberal-democracy-poland-in-a-comparative-perspective.html 16076 March 06 2017 materials/news/16076/_thumb1/fullsizerender-3.jpg Podcast: 'Flirting with Fantasies: Will Populist Politics Turn Fantasies into Violent Realities?' Coline Covington (Society of Analytical Psychology) presents a psychoanalytic framework for conceptualizing populism. /podcast-series/flirting-with-fantasies-will-populist-politics-turn-fantasies-into-violent-realities.html 16063 February 28 2017 materials/news/16063/_thumb1/rule-of-law.jpg Podcast: The 'Fantasy Frontbench' project Matthew Seren Smith and Megan Sclater discuss their Fantasy Frontbench project, its impact and the potential of technology to engage young people in politics.  /podcast-series/q-step-fantasy-frontbench-lecture.html 16046 February 24 2017 materials/news/16046/_thumb1/img6910.JPG Podcast: 'The Dehumanisation-Rehumanisation Dynamic Shaping Political Violence and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Latin America' Roddy Brett (St Andrews) specialises in a wide range of issues on Latin America, focusing on political violence. He talks about the various factors that can lead a group to political violence, such as a beliefs in the... /podcast-series/podcast-the-dehumanisation-rehumanisation-dynamic-shaping-political-violence-and-post-conflict-reconstruction-in-latin-america.html 16154 February 13 2017 materials/news/16154/_thumb1/glass-9844571920.jpg Podcast: 'Emotions, Ideology and Civil War' As part of the new Ideas and Political Violence seminar series, the Department of Politics and International Relations' Andrea Ruggeri discusses the role of negative emotions and radical ideology in the process of armed... /podcast-series/emotions-ideology-and-civil-war.html 16002 February 10 2017 materials/news/16002/_thumb1/image.jpg Free Speech Debate Panel Discussion: ‘Free Speech Rights are Women’s Rights’ Jennifer Clement (President of PEN International) and Margie Orford (President of PEN South Africa, Board of PEN International) join Professor Timothy Garton Ash (St Antony's) for a discussion on free speech and... /podcast-series/free-speech-debate-panel-discussion-free-speech-rights-are-womens-rights.html 15981 February 07 2017 materials/news/15981/_thumb1/womens-rights-pen.jpg Podcast: 'The Crime Terror Nexus: European Jihadists and the New Convergence between Terrorism and Crime' In the first meeting of the Ideas and Political Violence seminar series, Peter Neumann (King's College London) discusses the crime-terror nexus. /podcast-series/the-crime-terror-nexus-european-jihadists-and-the-new-convergence-between-terrorism-and-crime/menu-id-163.html 15958 January 30 2017 materials/news/15958/_thumb1/jail-cells-4296381920.jpg ‘R2P in a Time of Trump: Can Human Protection Weather the Storm?’ Professor Alex Bellamy (University of Queensland) discusses new challenges for implementing R2P principles in the current age. /podcast-series/r2p-in-a-time-of-trump-can-human-protection-weather-the-storm.html 15789 December 09 2016 materials/news/15789/_thumb1/un.jpg Podcast: Local sixth-formers discuss Brexit at Parliament Week event To mark Parliament Week, sixth form students from nine schools across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire joined a workshop and panel event at the Bodleian Library to ask questions about the relationship between the UK and the... /podcast-series/podcast-local-sixth-formers-discuss-brexit-at-parliament-week-event.html 15750 November 28 2016 materials/news/15750/_thumb1/par5298.jpg Fed Power: the politics of central banks after the US presidential election In this podcast, Professor Desmond King, Andrew W Mellon Professor of American Government at Nuffield College, and co-author Professor Lawrence Jacobs, University of Minnesota, explore the themes of their book Fed... /podcast-series/fed-power-the-politics-of-central-banks-after-the-us-presidential-election.html 15702 November 23 2016 materials/news/15702/_thumb1/image.jpg Q-Step Lecture - 'Brexit by Numbers' Joe Twyman, Head of Political and Social Research for YouGov, speaks on measuring public opinion before and after Brexit. /podcast-series/q-step-lecture-brexit-by-numbers.html 15668 November 11 2016 materials/news/15668/_thumb1/brexit-yougov.png Reflections on Brexit with Sir Malcolm Rifkind Former Member of Parliament, Minister for Europe and Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind speaks to members of the DPIR about the history that made Brexit a reality. /podcast-series/reflections-on-brexit-with-sir-malcolm-rifkind.html 15559 October 21 2016 materials/news/15559/_thumb1/reflections-on-brexit.jpg Keynote of 'PRIMO 2016 Conference Navigating the Political: The Study and Practice of International Relations in Turbulent Times' Marc Stears, Chief Executive of the New Economics Foundation and former advisor to Ed Milliband, speaks to attendees at the 2016 PRIMO Conference in the DPIR. /podcast-series/keynote-of-primo-2016-conference-navigating-the-political-the-study-and-practice-of-international-relations-in-turbulent-times.html 15504 October 07 2016 materials/news/15504/_thumb1/keynotepodcast.jpg 'Citizens' Wealth' book launches Angela Cummine's new book Citizens' Wealth was launched last week, with no less than three talks on the book and its themes in London and Oxford. /podcast-series/citizens-wealth-book-launches.html 15449 September 19 2016 materials/news/15449/_thumb1/angela.jpg 'Does Inequality Matter? Social Justice and Political Theory' Daniel Butt, associate Professor in Political Theory, examines the moral significance of inequality within and between modern states, and asks what we might be prepared to do, and not do, in the name of egalitarianism. /podcast-series/does-inequality-matter-social-justice-and-political-theory.html 15447 September 19 2016 materials/news/15447/_thumb1/daniel.jpg Annette Idler interviewed on the Chilcot Report by Radio Ciudad Annette Idler has been interviewed on the Chilcot Report by Argentinian radio station 'Radio Ciudad'. /podcast-series/annette-idler-interviewed-on-the-chilcot-report-by-radio-ciudad.html 15355 July 20 2016 materials/news/15355/_thumb1/annette-idler.jpg The Return of Geopolitics? An international group of researchers convene for a conference examining the place of geopolitics in history and the world today. /podcast-series/the-return-of-geopolitics.html 15302 June 23 2016 materials/news/15302/_thumb1/geo-conference.JPG