'A Feminist Voyage Through International Relations'

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    Professor Tickner is joined by others for a discussion on women in IR academia after her talk.

Professor Emerita J. Ann Tickner (University of Southern California) delivers a lecture on the role of feminist theory in the field of international relations.

Tickner's talk covers the genesis of the feminist approach to IR, which she herself pioneered some 25 years ago. She details how the feminist approach is methodologically distinct as most of IR relies on state-centric approaches while feminist theory is inherently sociological. One of Tickner's examples is the investigation of how gendered reponses to 9/11 caused a return to hypermasculinity in policy. Finally, Tickner makes a case for the continued development of the field as a way to continue legitimizing the explanations of world politics that scholars produce.

The lecture follows from the 2014 publication of Tickner's book, A Feminist Voyage through International Relations, by the Oxford University Press as part of their series Oxford Studies in Gender and International Relations. More information about the book can be found here: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/a-feminist-voyage-through-international-relations-9780199951260?cc=gb&lang=en&.

Speakers: J Ann Tickner, Andrew Hurrell

Professor Andrew Hurrell is Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, Balliol College