Challenging charisma: constructing grievance and the limits of legitimacy in post-Crimea Russia

Samuel Greene talks about outbreak of protests in Russia and political events after the annexation of Crimea. He focuses not only charisma of Mr. Putin but also the regime's response to protests. 

Greene is Director of the Russia Institute at King`s College London and senior lecturer in Russian politics. Prior to moving to London in 2012, he lived and worked in Moscow for 13 years, most recently as director of the Centre for the Study of New Media & Society at the New Economic School, and as deputy director of the Carnegie Moscow Center. His book,Moscow in Movement: Power & Opposition in Putin`s Russia, was published in August 2014 by Stanford University Press. He holds a PhD in political sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

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Speakers: Samuel Greene, Paul Chaisty

Prof Paul Chaisty is Professor of Russian and East European Politics