CSSJ Conference: Kant and Colonialism: Historical and Critical Perspectives

This two-day conference took place at the Manor Road Building and Nuffield College, Oxford, on 1-2 October (week one of Michaelmas term). Supported by CSSJ, the conference explored the relevance of Kants critique of colonialism to an appropriate reconstruction of Kants cosmopolitan theory in recent global justice debates.

Convenors: Lea Ypi (with co-organiser Katrin Flikschuh from LSE)

Download: (21.7MB)

Provisional acquisition as true acquisition, Kants argument against colonialism

Alice Walla (University of St Andrews)
Download: (35.3MB)

Colonialism in Kants Political Philosophy

Prof. Howard Williams (University of Aberystwyth)
Download: (19.5MB)

Kants Conceptions of Colonialism, Free Trade, and Cosmopolitical Providence

Dr. Johannes Thumfart (Freie Universitaet, Berlin)
Download: (22.6MB)

World citizenship and global connections in Enlightenment political thought

Prof. Sankar Muthu (University of Chicago)
Download: (40.6MB)

Kant on race and economic globalization: On just trade and free trade

Prof. dr. Pauline Kleingeld (University of Leiden)

Download: (27.4MB)

World trade as the guarantee for perpetual peace? On the value and consistency of Kants theory of fair trade

Liesbet Vanhaute (University of Antwerp)

Download: (28.9MB)

Provisional Rights and Past Injustice

Prof. Anna Stilz (Princeton University)