'David Miller’s Political Philosophy'

Conference in honour of the political philosopher David Miller.

Panel 1

Chair: Ashwini Vasanthakumar 

Jonathan Quong: Miller’s Crossing 

Anna Stilz: On Self-Determination


Panel 2

Chair: Cécile Fabre 

Avia Pasternak: Mobs, Firms and Nations – a Critique of David Miller’s Account of Collective Responsibility 

Alan Patten: Public Good Fairness


Panel 3

Chair: Simon Caney 

Cécile Laborde: Religious Freedom, Public Space and Democratic Self-Determination

Andrew Williams: Fertility, Mortality, and National Responsibility


David Miller: Political Philosophy: Looking Back


Panel 4

Chair: Jesse Tomalty 

Allen Buchanan: Self-Determination, Revolution, and Intervention 

Patti Lenard: Multiculturalism, National Identity, and Failed Citizenship\


Panel 5

Chair: Alice Baderin 

Christopher Heath Wellman: Miller on Human Rights

Jeremy Waldron: The Right to Drive People Away


Panel 6

Chair: Stuart White 

Sarah Fine: Political Philosophy and Autobiography 

Leslie Green: Hume on Authority

Download: (56.5MB)

Panel 6 'Hume on Authority'; 'Political Philosophy and Autobiography'

Speakers: Leslie Green, Sarah Fine, Stuart White

Download: (59.6MB)

Panel 5 'Miller on Human Rights'; 'The Right to Drive People Away'

Speakers: Christopher Heath Wellman, Jeremy Waldron, Alice Baderin

Download: (62.5MB)

Panel 4 'Self-Determination, Revolution, and Intervention'; 'Multiculturalism, National Identity, and Failed Citizenship'

Speakers: Allen Buchanan, Patti Lenard, Jesse Tomalty

Download: (34.2MB)

'Political Philosophy: Looking Back'

Speakers: David Miller

Download: (52.8MB)

Panel 3 'Religious Freedom, Public Space and Democratic Self-Determination'; 'Fertility, Mortality, and National Responsibility'

Speakers: Cecile Laborde, Andrew Williams, David Miller

Download: (59.3MB)

Panel 2 'Mobs, Firms and Nations'; 'Public Good Fairness'

Speakers: Avia Pasternak, Allen Patten, David Miller, Cecile Fabre

Download: (61.9MB)

Panel 1 'Miller's Crossing'; 'On Self-Determination'

Speakers: Jonathan Quong, Anna Stilz, Ashwini Vasanthakumar, David Miller

Dr Stuart White is Associate Professor of Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Jesus CollegeProfessor David Miller is Professor of Political Theory, FBA, Official Fellow, Nuffield CollegeProfessor Cecile Fabre is Senior Research Fellow, All Souls CollegeAshwini Vasanthakumar is Term Fellow in Political Theory at University College