Podcast: 'Emotions, Ideology and Civil War'

As part of the new Ideas and Political Violence seminar series, the Department of Politics and International Relations' Andrea Ruggeri discusses the role of negative emotions and radical ideology in the process of armed mobilization. 

Using empirical evidence from the Italian civil war of 1943-45, Ruggeri looks at the important functions of non-material factors in driving individuals to mobilize politically. The emotional state of indignation is identified as a factor pushing individuals to take up arms against the political incumbent. Meanwhile, ideology serves as a pull factor that structures individuals' sense of identity and relationship to the incumbent. These and others are the microfoundations that Ruggeri argues propel individuals to participate in armed collective action under costly circumstances. 


The Ideas and Political Violence seminar series is convened by Elizabeth Frazer and Jonathan Leader Maynard and takes place each Thursday at 4pm in Lecture Room 6 at New College.

Speakers: Andrea Ruggeri

Professor Andrea Ruggeri is Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Brasenose College