'Feminism and (Political) Progress' - Fifth Oxford Graduate Political Theory Conference

Panel 1 | Chair: Sabrina Martin, Discussant: Professor Teresa Bejan

Lauren Power (University of Cambridge): “Maybe the fourth wave is online”: webbing everyday feminist practices

Rebecca Carson (Kingston University): Indigenous feminism and the problems of historical periodisation: who gets to claim the fourth wave?


Panel 2 | Chair: Chi Chi Shi, Discussant: Dr Sophie Smith

Julia Jeong Hyun Park (University of Oxford): Retroactive Justice in the Temporal Imagination: Time Discourse and the Silencing of the ‘Comfort Women’

Amelia Horgan (independent): “Just say no“: a genealogy of sexual consent


Panel 3 | Chair: Annette Zimmermann, Discussant: Dr Maeve McKeown

Melanie Brazell (Humboldt University Berlin/Transformative Justice Collective): Responsibility for Sexual Violence: Dialogues with I.M. Young and the Community Accountability Movement

Sanjana Govindarajan (University of Bayreuth): Structure before Virtue: Collective Solutions to Epistemic Injustice


Keynote 1 |  Dr Lorna Finlayson (University of Essex)


Panel 4 | Chairs: Dan Iley-WilliamsonRoss Speer, Discussant: Dr Alice Baderin

Jana Cattien (University of Cambridge): Feminist Epistemology

Mirjam Müller (Humboldt University Berlin): Gender Specific Exploitation – A Structural Account


Concluding Roundtable | Chair: Professor Liz FrazerSpeakers: Dr Lorna Finlayson, Professor Karma Nabulsi

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Panel 1 'Feminism and (Political) Progress

Speakers: Lauren Power, Rebecca Carson, Teresa M. Bejan

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Panel 2 'Feminism and (Political) Progress'

Speakers: Julia Jeong Hyun Park, Amelia Horgan, Chi Chi Shi, Sophie Smith

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Panel 3 'Feminism and (Political) Progress'

Speakers: Melanie Brazell, Sanjana Govindarajan, Maeve McKeown, Annette Zimmermann

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Keynote 'Feminism and (Political) Progress'

Speakers: Lorna Finlayson, Orlando Lazar-Gillard

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Panel 4 'Feminism and (Political) Progress'

Speakers: Jana Cattien, Mirjam Müller, Ross Speer, Alice Baderin

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Concluding Roundtable 'Feminism and (Political) Progress'

Speakers: Lorna Finlayson, Fiona Jenkins, Karma Nabulsi, Elizabeth Frazer

Dr Teresa M. Bejan is Associate Professor of Political TheoryDr Sophie Smith is Associate Professor of Political Theory and Tutorial Fellow, University CollegeAnnette Zimmermann is a DPhil student at DPIRDr Elizabeth Frazer is Associate Professor of Politics, Official Fellow, New CollegeDr Karma Nabulsi is Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations, Fellow in Politics, St Edmund Hall, Director Undergraduate Studies