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Inaugural Oxford Graduate Conference in Political Theory

Theme: Political Theory and the Liberal Tradition

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Keynote address: Liberalising Illiberal Liberalism

Speaker: Prof. Charles Mills (Northwestern)

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Colonial toleration and the practise of British state multiculturalism

Speaker: Zaki Nahaboo (Open University)

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Liberalism and Historical Injustice

Speaker: Jennifer Page (Harvard)

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Wollstonecraft as a Care Ethicist?...

Wollstonecraft as a Care Ethicist? Contemporary Care Ethics and Wollstonecrafts alternatives in 18th Century debate about Women, Virtue and the progress of Civilisation

Speaker: Madeline Cronin (Notre Dame)

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Locke, Liberalism, and Disabilities: Towards an Ableist Contract

Speaker: Lucas Pinheiro (Cambridge)

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Why should we accommodate caregivers in workplaces?

Speaker: Sara Mrsny (Stanford)

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Public opinion and its liberal/anti-liberal critics...

Public opinion and its liberal/anti-liberal critics: A reinterpretation of popular sovereignty in liberal democracy through Lippmann, Schmitt and Dewey

Speaker: David Ragazzoni (Sant'anna)

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Freedom of Conscience and the Authority of the State

Speaker: Francois Boucher (Queens)

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Religion in Liberal Thought: the Case of Tocqueville and Humboldt

Speaker: Carel Kauffmann (Cambridge)

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Truth, Evolution and Experiment: A Reconciliation Between Pragmatic Liberalism and Epistemic Democracy

Speaker: Felix Gerlsbeck (Columbia)

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The Classical and non-Classical Utopias of Liberal Economists: A study of F.A. Hayek, J.M. Keynes, and W.H. Beveridge

Speaker: Jason Brock (Royal Holloway)

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The Ideology of the Coalition: More Muscular than Liberal?

Speaker: Matthew Lakin (Oxford)

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Keynote address - Unbinding the Executive: The Challenge to Liberal Legalism

Speaker: Professor Jeremy Waldron (Oxford)