Keynote of 'PRIMO 2016 Conference Navigating the Political: The Study and Practice of International Relations in Turbulent Times'

Marc Stears, Chief Executive of the New Economics Foundation and former advisor to Ed Milliband, speaks to attendees at the 2016 PRIMO Conference in the DPIR.

A former University of Oxford student and professor in political theory, Stears gives an ethnographic, often personal analysis of how politics has been practiced in recent history. In particular, he makes the case for a need for occasional engagement with "the everyday" in decision making by the Left. He sees the lack of nuance in the relationship between the people and the intelligentsia as a cause of the populism he views as a threat to political science itself.

Speakers: Marc Stears, Andrew Hurrell

Professor Andrew Hurrell is Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, Balliol College