More Europe, less Europe, no Europe? : DPIR Inaugural Alumni Event

On Saturday 2 March the Department of Politics and International Relations held its inaugural Alumni event in the Manor Road Building. The title of the event was More Europe, less Europe, no Europe?.

You can read a blog article, that provides a lot more context on the event, by going to Politics in Spires.

You can download a PDF of the event programme by clicking here.

(Please note that some talks and all of the Q&As are not featured.)

Download: (30.4MB)

Postdoctoral fellow presentations and closing remarks

Postdoctoral fellow presentations: Theresa Kuhn and Claudia Schrag Sternberg (not featured)
Closing remarks: David Hine

You can also download a PDF of Theresa Kuhn's Powerpoint presentation by clicking here.

Speakers: Theresa Kuhn, David Hine

Download: (30.6MB)

No Europe? The UKs Referendum

Speakers: Vernon Bogdanor

Download: (32.5MB)

Less Europe? The political impact of the crisis: Eurosceptic parties and voters beyond the United Kingdom

You can also download a PDF of Catherine de Vries' Powerpoint presentation by clicking here.

Speakers: Jan Zielonka

Download: (28.8MB)

More Europe? What path to more integration?

Speakers: Anne Deighton, Michael Arthur (former UK Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany), and Maximilian Ruhenstroth-Bauer (recent trainee, Crisis Response Department, European External Action Service)

Speakers: Michael Arthur, Maximilian Ruhenstroth-Bauer, Anne Deighton

Download: (34.6MB)

The political economy of the eurocrisis

You can also download a PDF of David Rueda's Powerpoint presentation by clicking here.

Speakers: David Soskice, F. David Rueda

Download: (6.8MB)

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome: Stephen Whitefield, Head of Department
Introduction: Stewart Wood (not featured)

Speakers: Stephen Whitefield

Dr David Hine is Associate Professor of Politics and Student of Christ ChurchProfessor Jan Zielonka is Professor of European Politics and Ralf Dahrendorf Fellow, St Antony's CollegeProfessor Anne Deighton is Emeritus Professor of European International Politics, Fellow, Wolfson CollegeProfessor F. David Rueda is Professor of Comparative Politics, University Lecturer, Fellow, Nuffield CollegeProfessor Stephen Whitefield is Professor of Politics, Rhodes Pelczynski Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Pembroke College