'Reclaiming Republicanism: Recovering the Tradition's Radical Heritage'

Convened by Karma Nabulsi, Stuart White and Bruno Leipold.

Funded by DPIR and Jesus College.

Department academic speakers:       Bruno Leipold, Karma Nabulsi, Stuart White

External (Other) speakers:                Ruth Kinna (Loughborough), Alex Prichard (Exeter), Alan Coffee (KCL), John Filling (UCL), Manjeet Ramgotra (SOAS), Alex Gourevitch (Brown), Guy Aitchison (UCL), and John McCormick (Chicago)

Download: (23.5MB)

'Revolutionary Violence in Anarchism and Republicanism'

Speakers: Ruth Kinna

Download: (33.7MB)

'Revolutionary Republicanism: Three Conceptions'

Speakers: Karma Nabulsi

Download: (11MB)

Opening Remarks by Stuart White

Speakers: Stuart White

Download: (9.7MB)

Concluding Discussion

Speakers: Stuart White

Download: (18MB)

‘The Contemporary Republican Aversion to Populist Democracy’

Speakers: John McCormick

Download: (31.5MB)

‘Three Models of Republican Rights: Juridical, Parliamentary and Popular’

Speakers: Guy Aitchison

Download: (15.5MB)

‘Solidarity and Civic Virtue’

Speakers: Alex Gourevitch

Download: (31.6MB)

‘Conceptual Silences: Republican Paradigms and Post-Colonial Thinking'

Speakers: Manjeet Ramgotra

Download: (38.4MB)

‘On Wage Slavery'

Speakers: John Filling

Download: (25.5MB)

‘Republican Marxism: On the Politics of Socialism'

Download: (29.7MB)

'Radical Republicanism: Freedom From A Slaves' Perspective'

Speakers: Alan Coffee

Dr Karma Nabulsi is Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations, Fellow in Politics, St Edmund Hall, Director Undergraduate StudiesDr Stuart White is Associate Professor of Politics and Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Jesus College