'Rethinking Public Assets: Land and Capital'

The way land and property perform within the UK economy is not well understood. For many commentators, the UK has a dysfunctional planning system and an immensely concentrated but opaque pattern of land ownership. Public dissatisfaction with both government and market-led responses to the housing crisis is mounting. This seminar will look at land and housing policy, expose underlying problems (such as the structural link between land and our financial system) and address the potential solutions, notably how to ensure a functional housing policy.

With: Josh Ryan-Collins, Associate Director, New Economics Foundation; Toby Lloyd, Policy Director, Shelter; Peter Hetherington; and Beth Stratford, PhD student University of Roehampton and visiting lecturer at University of Masaryk and the Centre for Alternative Technology. Facilitator: Fran Boait, Executive Director, Positive Money.

This panel is the third in the series, 'Rethinking Public Assets.'

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Speakers: Josh Ryan-Collins, Toby Lloyd, Beth Stratford, Angela Cummine

Dr Angela Cummine is British Academy Post-doctoral Fellow in Political Theory