The Return of Geopolitics?

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    The lecture and two panels focus on geopolitics in international relations.

An international group of researchers convene for a conference examining the place of geopolitics in history and the world today.

The afternoon begins with the The Dasturzada Dr. Jal Pavry Memorial Lecture from Professor Stefano Guzzini (DIIS, Uppsala, PUC-Rio) on the theory, history and definitions of geopolitics.

A panel chaired by Professor Andrew Hurrell (Oxford) follows on the same subject featuring Professor Patricia Owens (Sussex), Professor Michael Williams (Ottowa) and Dr Jean-François Drolet (Queen Mary, London) exploring such topics as the sociological underpinnings and regional variation of geopolitics.

Finally, the lectures conclude with a panel on current geopolitical issues with the cases of Turkey, Brazil, India, Germany and Russia highlighted by panelists Professor Pinar Bilgin (Bilkent), Mr Braz Baracuhy (Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Dr Kate Sullivan (Oxford), Professor Hanns Maull (SWP, Berlin) and Professor Neil MacFarlane (Oxford). 

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The Return of Geopolitics: Theory and History (The Dasturzada Dr Jal Pavry Memorial Lecture in International Relations)

Speakers: Stefano Guzzini, Andrew Hurrell

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Panel: Geopolitics, Theory and History

Speakers: Patricia Owens, Michael Williams, Jean-Fran├žois Drolet, Andrew Hurrell

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Panel: Geopolitics in a Changing Global Order

Speakers: Pinar Bilgin, Braz Baracuhy, Kate Sullivan, Hanns Maull, Andrew Hurrell, Neil MacFarlane

Professor Andrew Hurrell is Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, Balliol CollegeProfessor Neil MacFarlane is Lester B Pearson Professor of International Relations and Fellow, St Annes College