Lord Stewart Wood and Lord Danny Finkelstein: ‘What Does Internationalism Mean in the UK Today: A Debate'

As part of the 2016 Fulbright Seminar Series held at Pembroke College, University of Oxford, Lord Stewart Wood and Lord Danny Finkelstein spoke about what internationalism means in the UK today.

Stewart Wood is a Labour life peer in the House of Lords. Formerly a politics tutor at Magdalen College, Oxford, he has served as an advisor to Gordon Brown and latterly to Ed Miliband. In 2011 he was appointed a Shadow Minister without Portfolio, advising on strategy and international affairs.

Danny Finkelstein is a Conservative life peer in the House of Lords. He is formerly Executive Editor of the Times, and remains a weekly political columnist. He is a former Chairman of Policy Exchange.

Speakers: Lord Stewart Wood, Lord Danny Finkelstein, Robert Rohrschneider, Stephen Whitefield

Professor Stephen Whitefield is Professor of Politics, Rhodes Pelczynski Tutorial Fellow in Politics, Pembroke College