Academic Office Holders 2020-21


The Department is led by a series of academic office holders, whose roles are outlined here.


Joint Heads of Department: Professor Petra Schleiter and Dr Nicholas Owen


Director Graduate Studies: Politics: Professor Stathis Kalyvas

Director Graduate Studies: International Relations: Professor Dominic Johnson

Director Undergraduate Studies: Professor James Tilley

Sub-Faculty Chair: Professor Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

Nominations Committee Chair: Dr Nicholas Owen

Course Director: Theory: Dr David Leopold

Course Director: Comparative Government: Dr Robin Harding

Course Director: European Politics and Society: Dr Radoslaw Zubek

Course Director: International Relations: Professor Kalypso Nicola├»dis (Michaelmas Term 2020) and Dr Janina Dill (from Hilary Term 2021)

Director Methods Training: Politics: Professor Ben Ansell

Director Methods Training: International Relations: Dr Karolina Milewicz

Director of Graduate Students' Professional Training: Dr Jane Gingrich


Research Director: Professor Desmond King

REF Co-ordinator: Professor Stephen Whitefield

Impact Co-ordinator: Dr Nicholas Owen

Research Network Convenor: Theory: Dr Sophie Smith

Research Network Convenor: Government: Professor Giovanni Capoccia

Research Network Convenor: Centre for International Studies: Dr Andrea Ruggeri


Harassment Officers: Professor Patricia Thornton and Dr Paul Martin