Understanding Public Opinion in Ukraine Prior to and Amidst Russia’s Aggression: A Cross-Survey Analysis


This project seeks to uncover the sentiments of Ukrainian citizens regarding the political, security, and economic situation of their country since Russia’s invasion in February 2022. In collaboration with a local NGO and think tank, the Democratic Initiatives Foundation, this project expands on research previously conducted by the organisation to cross-analyse sentiments of Ukrainians from February and December 2021 to the present day, in light of the ongoing war.

Approximately 1,000 citizens across Ukraine’s western and central regions will be surveyed. As this survey is an extension of prior research – as well as one of the only, if the only, being run in Ukraine amidst the war – the findings will be incredibly valuable for uncovering public opinion in Ukraine at this time, to the extent that is possible.

The impact of this project lies in the fact that it can help both academics and policymakers globally better understand the Russia-Ukraine war, as well as ways forward in terms of achieving a sustainable peace in the region in both the short- and long-term.