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Counter-Revolution: Liberal Europe in Retreat

Can open society survive? Is Europe disintegrating? How to overcome the economic crisis? Will Europeans feel secure again? Jan Zielonka examines the counter-revolution developing in Europe, its roots and implications.  Almost thirty years after Ralf Dahrendorf published his 'Reflections on the Revolution in Europe', and almost two hundred and thirty years since Edmund Burke published his 'Reflections on the Revolution in France', Jan Zielonka relects on the turbulence of today.


Counter-Revolution suggests that Europe and its liberal project need to be reinvented and recreated. There is no simple way back. Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel will not produce wonders. Europe failed to adjust to enormous geopolitical, economic, and technological changes that swept the continent over the past three decades. European models of democracy, capitalism, and integration are not in sync with new complex networks of cities, bankers, terrorists, or migrants. Liberal values that made Europe thrive for many decades have been betrayed. The escalation of emotions, myths, and ordinary lies left little space for reason, deliberation, and conciliation. This book examines these different aspects, proposing a way out of the labyrinth.