Changing Security Landscapes Viewed from the Margins

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Colombia’s new president, inaugurated in August 2018, seeks to modify the Peace Agreement to punish former rebels, at a time when the United Nations denounce a lack of progress in the peace deal’s implementation. Ejército de Liberación Nacional rebels and other violent groups fill power voids left by Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, whose ex-members are, in some areas, beginning to reunite. Communities are threatened and social leaders killed in their hundreds, while lack of state protection and governance risks increased insecurity from renewed grievances and organised crime.

This project aims to support the transition from warzone to peaceful country in Colombia. By working with the Colombian government, 

By focusing on marginalised groups, Changing Security Landscapes Viewed from the Margins will address the consequences of changing security landscapes in this period of adjustment

This project is part of CONPEACE - From Conflict Actors to Architects of Peace.

Principal Investigator

Dr Annette Idler


Dr Jan Boesten


Global Challenges Research Fund

Project Start / End

Apr 2019 -

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