Human Rights for Future Generations: From Theory to Practice

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Challenges such as poverty, environmental change and armed conflict require international cooperation on an unprecedented scale. Our actions on these issues will affect the welfare of future generations and those who do not have a voice. Yet there are serious questions regarding the adequacy of existing frameworks to face these challenges. This project aims to advance a new framework built on ethical, legal and political dimensions that will help translate theory into real legal and policy solutions on these issues.

We have formed a unique collaboration of experts in law, politics and ethics to consider the ways in which ethical dilemmas can be translated into real legal and policy solutions. Our approach goes beyond the status quo to incorporate a systematic analysis of policies in which justice and human rights demand certain allocations of resources, especially considering demographic and geographical change in global populations. The project crosses boundaries, not just disciplinary but also among different stakeholders, by facilitating a dialogue between academics and those who are more practically and politically engaged.

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Jan 2013 - Dec 2015

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