Media, Conflict and Democratisation (MeCoDEM)


Researcher: Nic Cheeseman

The project ‘Media, Conflict and Democratisation’ investigates the role of traditional media and ICTs in conflicts that accompany and follow transitions to democracy. Our research focuses on three major arenas of contentious politics in emerging democracies: constitutional conflicts, accountability conflicts and election conflicts. We argue that the media cannot be sufficiently understood in isolation, but have to be seen as part of an arena of public contestation that is occupied by multiple actors, each of which is thriving to dominate the interpretations and outcomes of ongoing conflicts. Thus, the project aims to investigate:

The empirical research will be carried out in four emerging democracies: Serbia, Egypt, Kenya and South Africa. These countries were chosen because their political development is of great significance for the respective geographical region in which they are located. All four countries have experienced severe democratisation conflicts, but represent distinct contexts that help to understand how cultural, political and social factors shape the role of the media in democratisation conflicts.


European Commission


FP7 Collaborative Project

Project Start / End

Feb 2014 - Jan 2017

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