Elise Roumeas

Elise Roumeas

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Political Theory
Office Address:
Room 139, Manor Road Building, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford.  I obtained a PhD in political theory with distinction from Sciences Po Paris in July 2016. I have been a Fox Fellow at Yale University (2013-2014) and an Alliance visiting scholar at Columbia University (fall 2015). I specialise in normative and applied political theory. 


Curriculum vitae: Download Cv 40719 (53.7KB)

I am a political theorist researching the ethics and politics of religious diversity. Specifically, I examine how to tackle conflicts generated by diversity. When a dispute arises, there are several ways to respond to it. One of them is to find a way to prevent it or a method to resolve it, such as an effective mediation or a stable compromise. This is the spirit of my past research. My doctoral dissertation is an analysis and defence of compromise. I have also written about mediation and abitration in workplace disputes involving religion. Another response to conflict is to end the relationship; to dissociate, to take the exit door. This is the core of my new research project on exit: what makes an exit fair? 

Undergraduate teaching

 Sciences Po Paris 

  • “Foundations of Moral and Political Thought”
  • “Right or Wrong. Politics and Ethics”
  • “Introduction to political science”
  • “Reason and Commitment in the History of Political Thought”
  • “Method” 

Postgraduate teaching

 Blavatnik School of Government (forthcoming)

  • Foundations in Philosophy and Public Policy 

Sciences Po Paris 

  • “Epistemology of Decision-Making”
  • Research Design (1styear political theory master’s students)

 Summer courses and community outreach 

Oxford Summer Courses

  • “Ethics and Society” (to high school students in Chile)


  • “Politics and Society” (to prison inmates in Villepinte, France) 

Journal articles 

  • “Religious Diversity in the Workplace: The Case for Alternative Conflict Resolution”, Political Studies, online first (2019).  
  • “Conscientious Objection to Military Service and Laborde’s Exemption Test”, Secular Studies,vol. 1, n°1, p. 142-152 (2019)Special issue on Cécile Laborde’s Liberalism’s Religion.
  • “Foi ‘bonne’ et ‘bonne foi’ : du conflit des vérités au dialogue des convictions”, Archives de sciences sociales des religions, n°166, p. 199-219 (2014). 
  • “Salut et reconnaissance égalitaire : sur les théories pluralistes du dialogue interreligieux”, Études maritainiennes - Maritain Studies, 2014, vol. xxx, p. 88-108 (2014). Special issue on Jacques Maritain and interreligious dialogue.  

Book chapters

  • “Compromise and Religious Accommodation” in Jonathan Seglow, Andrew Shorten (eds) Religion and Political Theory: Secularism, Accommodation and The New Challenges of Religious Diversity, ECPR Press/ Rowman and Littlefield International (forthcoming). 
  • “What is Religious Pluralism?” in Aurélia Bardon, Maria Birnbaum, Lois Lee, Kristina Stoeckl, Olivier Roy (eds). Religious Pluralism: A Resource BookFlorence: European University Institutep. 11-17 (2015). 

Book reviews 

  • “Peter Balint. Respecting Toleration. Traditional Liberalism and Contemporary Diversity”, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, vol. 21, n°5, p. 1255-1257 (2018). 
  • “Joan Stavo-Debauge, Philippe Gonzalez, Roberto Frega”(eds), Quel âge post-séculier? Religions, démocraties, sciences, in Émulations (2017).