Knowledge Exchange and Impact

We believe that sharing expertise and ideas can play a role in solving problems of power, conflict and injustice, and bringing researchers, policy makers and practitioners together is part of the way we work.

Knowledge exchange describes the back and forth between academic researchers and external partners, and this section of the website gives more information about our involvement in public debates and our collaborations with a wide range of organisations, groups and people.

Our researchers interact with practitioners to share findings in ways that contribute to change. These case studies highlight the impact of our research.

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Knowledge exchange news and features

Professor Andrew Hurrell on 'The End of the Global Rule of Law?'

April 25 2017

Following a recent event at the United Nations University (UNU) in Tokyo, Andy Hurrell discusses “The End of the Global Rule of Law?” with Dr David Malone, Rector of the United Nations University; more

Video: 'Uses of Text and Network Analysis in Politics and the Social Sciences' (DPIR TechTalk)

April 3 2017

The DPIR TechTalks series introduce opportunities offered by computational analysis for social science - everyone is welcome to attend! We have two speakers: Professor Stephen Pulman, Department of more