Manor Road Building

DPIR is housed in the purpose built Social Sciences Building (Manor Road Building) with extensive IT facilities and a world class library for the social sciences. It has approximately 90 open-plan graduate workstations, with computing support and access to the Department’s data library. The building has a wide range of facilities for those with disabilities.

Library facilities

The University of Oxford has a rich and diverse range of library resources. The Bodleian Libraries form the largest university library system in the UK, with a combined collection of more than 11 million printed items, in addition to more than 30,000 e-journals. This is the main library of the University, and as one of the UK’s copyright libraries receives inter alia all works published or distributed in the UK. The online catalogue (OLIS) covers all Oxford libraries, including the Bodleian, and all the holdings of the Social Science Library. Graduate students in DPIR are given guidance on how they may make best use of the extensive resources available.

Computing facilities

Between them, the University, DPIR and colleges provide extensive computing facilities which have all the major social science software systems.

Language training

DPIR graduate students are encouraged to seek language training where it is a vital part of their studies.