Alexander Blake Ewing

Mr Alexander Blake Ewing

Research topic:
Political ideologies, temporality, conceptual history, Reinhart Koselleck
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Political thought and ideologies 

Academic Profile

I am a DPhil student in Oxford’s Department of Politics and International Relations, writing on the politics of time. I have an MSc in political theory from the London School of Economics and a BA from Colorado College, majoring in political science. Before coming to Oxford I worked at the World Bank and as a journalist, writing mostly for The Economist.

My research concerns the theoretical study of the contingent practice of politics. In particular, I am interested in how different conceptions of time in political thinking and discourse—e.g. how historical narratives, relating the present to the past and future, and the negotiation of contingency—influence political action. Methodologically, my research lies at the intersection between political theory, the study of political ideologies and conceptual history, and focuses on developing ways of analysing how political language relates to and mediates temporal experience. 

Teaching specialism, interests and experience


University of Oxford

College Lecturer in Political Theory, autumn 2016-present

Hertford College

Courses: Theory of Democracy, Theory of Politics, Political Thought: Bentham to Weber and Plato to Rousseau


College Lecturer in Political Theory, autumn 2015-present

St Hilda's College

Courses: Theory of Democracy, Theory of Politics, Political Thought: Bentham to Weber


College Lectureship in Politics, autumn 2013-2016

St Catherine’s College

Courses: Theory of Politics, Practice of Politics


Tutor in Politics, spring 2015

Merton College                                                     

Course: Theory of Democracy


Tutor in Politics, winter 2013

St Catherine’s College

Course: American Politics                                                                        


Colorado College

Visiting Lecturer, spring 2012

Course: Political Theory of Conservatism and Liberalism 


Departmental Studentship, 2013-2014

Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford                                                         


Graduate Studentship, 2013-2014

Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford University                                                                   


Graduate Studentship, 2011-2013

Oriel College, University of Oxford                       


Frederick Sonderman Award for academic achievement in Political Science, 2005

Colorado College


Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

‘Conceptions of Reinhart Koselleck’s Historical Time in the Thinking of Michael Oakeshott’ History of European Ideas (2016)

Available at:


‘Conceptual History, Contingency and the Politics of Time’ Journal of Political Ideologies (Forthcoming)


‘The horizons of politics and the politics of horizons’ (under review)

Conference Papers and Presentations

Workshops and invited talks                                                                

‘The politics of horizons and horizons of politics', Oxford University Political Theory Seminar, 2016 [by invitation]

‘The politics of horizons and horizons of politics’, International Conference of Conceptual History Aarhus University, 2016 

‘The use of Begriffsgeschichte in the study of political ideologies’, University of Nottingham, 2015 [By invitation]

‘The politics of historical time in the thinking of Reinhart Koselleck’, International Conference of Conceptual History, West University of TimiČ™ora, Romania 2015

‘Time and Politics’ presented at ‘Living in Time’ Conference Trinity and University College Dublin, 2015

‘What is Michael Oakeshott’s Understanding of Historical Time?’, Michael Oakeshott Association, Colorado Springs, 2013


Select conference presentations

‘The Ideological Politics of Time’, Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, 2015

‘JS Mill and the concept of progress’, Northeastern Political Science Association, Philadelphia, 2013

‘Applying Reinhart Koselleck’s Historical Time to Ideological Space’, New England Political Science Association, Portland, Maine, 2013

‘Looking Beyond Liberty: ‘Thought and Discussion in John Stuart Mill’s Political Theory’, Colloque International: Toleration, Pluralism and Social Consensus: Reassessing Political Thought and Practice in the Liberal Tradition, L’Université Lumière Lyon 2 et à l’ENS de Lyon, 2013

‘Neoconservatism and the idea of liberal war’, Liberal Wars Conference, University of Reading, 2012