Alexandra Zeitz

 Alexandra Zeitz

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Financial Statecraft of Debtors: The political economy of external finance in Africa
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International relations Political Economy 

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My research interests are in international political economy, particularly developing countries' position in international finance.

My dissertation studies the political consequences of African governments' access to a wider range of external finance. As countries have gained access to bilateral loans from China and tapped international bond markets, I argue that borrowing governments should have greater negotiating leverage with traditional donors such as the World Bank. However, I show that the effects of access to a wider set of lenders vary considerably across African countries, depending both on the domestic politics that underpin borrowing and donors' strategic interest in influencing borrowing countries. Using statistical analysis of aid terms and a comparison of Ethiopia, Ghana, and Kenya, I am able to highlight the heterogeneity across borrowing countries. 

In addition to my dissertation research, I have separate work on cross-border banking and international banking regulation, including as part of a research project on low income countries and banking standards at the Blavatnik School of Government.