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Andy Buschmann

Andy Buschmann

Research topic:
Protest in Democratization and Re-autocratization
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Human rights Democracy and Democratisation Social movements Violence security and conflict Comparative Politics and Government  Groups, Identities and Social Movements 

Academic Profile

I am a graduate student in Politics at the Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford. Before joining the DPIR, I graduated in social sciences from Humboldt-University Berlin, specialized in comparative politics. I also studied at City University of Hong Kong, University College London and Technical University of Berlin. As a political scientist-in-training, I have been focusing on political transitions, democratization and social movements. Geographically, I am focusing on the Asia-Pacific region and here in particular Myanmar and Hong Kong. My current research project is dedicated to the role of civil liberties and protests in democratic transitions.