Anette Stimmer

Ms Anette Stimmer

Research topic:
Norm contestation
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Research Themes:
International law International organisations International relations Violence security and conflict International organisations Violence, security and conflict 

Academic Profile

In my DPhil studies, I analyse the contestation of norms on the use of force in the post-Cold War era. I'm interested in why contestation of well-established norms in the later stages of Finnemore and Sikkink's norm life cycle arises. Thus, I seek to contribute to the emerging literature in International Relations and International Law which considers normative frameworks to be incomplete and ambiguous. I analyse how agreement on the meaning of norms can come about when new contexts emerge and the incomplete and ambiguous elements of norms give rise to debate. I develop a typology of the different outcomes norm contestation can have and discuss what can explain these variations in outcome. With my research, I also seek to bridge divides between constructivist and rational choice scholars and I am particularly interested in insights from rhetorical approaches.

Before starting a doctorate at Oxford University, I studied the M.A. in Law and Diplomacy at the Fletcher School, Tufts University, and a B.A. In International Relations at the University of Dresden. In-between degrees, I worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Panama. Furthermore, I coordinated the canvassing campaign of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in the federal elections 2014 and worked as chief of staff of a member of the German Bundestag.

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Teaching specialism, interests and experience

I teach courses in political science and IR to undergraduate students, in particular visiting students, at Oxford University. The courses I have taught include International Relations, International Law and Post-Industrial Democracies.



Recipient of the International Studies Association-Theory Section 'Conference Pre-PhD Award' (2018)

Honorable Mention, Patricia Weitsman Award for Outstanding Graduate Paper from the International Studies Association-International Security Studies Section (2018)



PhD scholarship from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (since 2017)

Joint Studentship of the Department of Politics and International Relations and Nuffield College (2014-2017)

Alumni of the German National Academic Foundation (Studenstiftung) (Scholarship for Bachelor and Masters degree)

European Recovery Programme and Fletcher Board of Overseers Scholarship for the Masters degree