Ariadna Tsenina

Ms Ariadna Tsenina

Job Market Candidate

Research topic:
Strategies of electoral dominance in semi-authoritarian regimes
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Democracy and Democratisation Elections Political Parties Elections and electoral politics Comparative Politics and Government  

Academic Profile

The political systems of many countries in the world today entail a combination of democratic forms of government and authoritarian practices. My research project focuses on these modern authoritarian regimes and asks the question: how do those in power manage to keep winning elections? Whilst it might be tempting to assume that electoral victory in this context is achieved purely through the falsification of actual election results, this project uncovers more complex electoral realities and relationships between authortiarian regime elites and the electorate. This research has been made possible through a scholarship from the Economic and Social Research Council and St Antony's College, University of Oxford.

Prior to my doctoral studies, I read for a BA in History and Politics at Magdalen College (University of Oxford) and an MPhil in Russian and East European Studies at St Antony's College (University of Oxford).

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

I have previously taught Politics in Russia and the Former Soviet Union to Visiting Undergraduate students at the University of Oxford, and I am currently teaching Politics at St Edward's School, Oxford.