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Barry Maydom

 Barry Maydom

Research topic:
Migrant Remittances and Democracy
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Democracy and Democratisation Refugees and migration Political Economy Comparative Politics and Government  Refugees and Migration 

Academic Profile

My DPhil research (funded by the ESRC) investigates the effects of migrant remittances on democratisation and democratic consolidation using a mix of methods including quantitative analysis of macro-economic and survey data and qualitative interviews conducted in Tunisia and Jordan.

I am also interested in the impact of formerly state-sponsored trade unions on labour relations after democratic transitions and the process of democratic consolidation in Tunisia after the 2011 revolution.
Working papers:
“Political Remittance Cycles in Non-Democracies” 
“Migrant Remittances and Political Participation” 
“Remittances and Democratisation: The Role of Migrant Destinations” 
“Institutional Legacies of Authoritarian Regimes: State-sponsored Trade Unions after Democratic Transitions” (with Malu Gatto and Daniel Fedorowycz)

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

I teach courses in Comparative Government, Political Sociology, Introduction to the Practice of Politics and Politics in the Middle East at Lady Margaret Hall.


2016 Travel grants to attend the APSA Annual Conference 2016 (awarded by Political Studies
Association and APSA)
2016 Travel grant to attend the ISA Annual Convention 2016 (awarded by Nuffield College,
University of Oxford)
2015-16 Writing Up Studentship, Department of Politics and IR, University of Oxford
2015 Overseas Fieldwork Grant, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
2015 Middle East Workshop Fellow, APSA
2013 Difficult Language Training Grant (for Modern Standard Arabic training), ESRC
2012-16 DPhil studentship, ESRC

Conference Papers and Presentations

“Migrant Remittances and Political Participation” 
Workshop on Political, Social and Economic Migrant Remittances: Content, Social Networks and Impacts, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, September 2016
“Remittances and Democratisation: The Role of Migrant Destinations” 
American Political Science Association Annual Conference, Philadelphia, September 2016
European Consortium for Political Research General Conference, Montreal, August 2015 
“The Political Effects of Remittances in the Middle East” 
International Studies Association Annual Convention, Atlanta, March 2016
APSA Middle East Workshop, Kuwait City, December 2015
“Political Remittance Cycles in Non-democratic States: Evidence from Egypt and Jordan” 
European Political Science Association Annual Conference, Vienna, June 2015
Oxford-Sciences Po Workshop on Migration, Oxford, May 2015 ‚Äč
“Institutional Legacies of Authoritarian Regimes: State-sponsored Trade Unions after Democratic Transitions" 
Western Political Science Association Annual Conference, Seattle, April 2014