Constantin Reinprecht

Mr Constantin Reinprecht

Research topic:
Migration decision-making of potential migrants
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Public Policy Refugees and Migration 

Academic Profile

I am a DPhil Candidate in Politics and a member of Jesus College. My research focuses on the roles of information and heuristics in migration decision-making. I will develop both a theoretical account and conduct fieldwork with Syrian refugees in Jordan to evaluate the impact of information and heuristics on migration preferences and decisions. For the empirical evaluation, I use mixed methods including qualitative interviews and quantitative survey experiments using conjoint models.

My research interests include migration decision-making and the drivers thereof, the determinants of migration policy as well as migration within and to the European Union, social rights of EU migrant citizens, and the relation between welfare states and migration. I am interested in mixed methods research and have published and contributed to academic papers using qualitative, quantitative, and experimental methods.

I hold an MSc in Comparative Social Policy from the University of Oxford and an MA in Economics and Politics from the University of Edinburgh. An ESRC-funded internship with the NGO Kiron Open Higher Education has helped me to gain further work experience, connect with practitioners in the migration field, and allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge to real-life issues.


ESRC Studentship, University of Oxford, 2015-Present

Clarendon Scholar, University of Oxford, 2015-2016

Jesus College Graduate Award, University of Oxford, 2015-2016

Russell Keat Dissertation Prize, The University of Edinburgh,2015


“Where will the British Go? And Why?” Social Science Quarterly (under review), [with Raymond M. Duch, Denise Laroze, and Thomas S. Robinson]

“Spannungsbogen Migration und Wohlfahrtsstaat: Ein Literaturüberblick unter besonderer Berücksichtigung Österreichs” [Migration and the welfare state: a literature review with focus on Austria], Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter 1/2018

“Mythen der vergleichenden Sozialpolitikforschung? Permanente Austerität und wohlfahrtsstaatliches Retrenchment”, Sozialer Fortschritt (under review), [with Martin Seeleib-Kaiser and Jakub Sowula]

“Stratified Social Rights Limiting EU Citizenship”, Journal of Common Market Studies 55:6 (2017): 1239-1253, [with Cecilia Bruzelius and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser]. Translated into German and published as “Stratifizierte soziale Rechte und eingeschränkte Unionsbürgerschaft”, WSI-Mitteilungen 70:6 (2017): 398-408

Conference Papers and Presentations

“Trump, Populism and Immigration Demand”, Immigration, Nativism & Changing Politics Symposium, Texas A&M University, February 12, 2018 [with Raymond M. Duch, Denise Laroze, and Thomas S. Robinson]

“EU Migrant Citizens, Welfare States and Social Rights”, 23rd International Conference of Europeanist, Philadelphia, PA, April 14-16, 2016 [with Cecilia Bruzelius and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser]