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Endrit Shabani

Mr Endrit Shabani

Job Market Candidate

Research topic:
Playing to lose in the international arena
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Government Education Equality Global governance International order International organisations International relations European Union Constitutions, Institutions and Governments Democracy and Democratic Theory Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Comparative Politics and Government  International organisations 

Areas of expertise

  • Global Governance and International Organisations.
  • Higher Education Policies in Europe (with a particular focus on Western Balkans).
  • EU Policies on Higher Education (i.e. European Higher Education Area, Bologna Process, Erasmus Programme).
  • Policy circulation (i.e. policy borrowing and lending, and policy diffusion). 

Academic Profile

Endrit has a first in Law, a Master's of Science in Education Policy, and is currently completing his doctoral degree in Politics. He is a Clarendon Scholar and has benefited from various scholarships throughout his academic studies. Right after completing his first in Law, Endrit has taught Public Law for two years in Tirana. In the period between academic degrees, he has served as a Program Manager for several international Think Tanks, including Transparency International.

Additionally, he has consulted international organisations (e.g. Council of Europe, EU, UNICEF, UNW, UNFPA and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation). His work experience has given Endrit the opportunity to conduct various policy analysis and help to craft policies and laws in Albania. In 2018 professor Whitefield and Endrit designed the national index on Women's Electoral Participation, published by UN Women in collaboration with the University of Oxford. 

Endrit has taught law and politics in Tirana, Oxford, Cambridge and Paris, which has exposed him to policy assessment and policy evaluation, areas of endeavour that he addresses further in his academic studies at the University of Oxford. In Oxford, Endrit teaches two core papers for PPE undergrads: Comparative Government (201) and International Relations (214), as well as Politics in Europe (206). In Paris, Endrit teaches Introduction to Politics at Sciences Po University. 

Endrit's Master’s dissertation draws on Global Governance and the role that International Organisations play in shaping policymaking in Europe. His doctoral thesis aims to theorise loser's consent, seeking to explain why countries voluntarily act against their material self-interest. While Endrit has a long experience in conducting quantitative studies, he is devoted to Political Ethnography, which he uses in his doctoral thesis by employing observation of ministerial conferences, conversation analysis and interviewing ministers and other policymakers. 



English, Italian, French

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

  • Comparative Government (core paper 201) 
  • International Relations (core paper 214)
  • Politics in Europe (206)


  • Clarendon Scholarship, 2015 – 2019
  • St Antony’s College Warden’s Scholarship, 2015 - 2018
  • OxPo Scholarship, Sciences Po, Paris, 2018
  • STAR Scholarship, St Antony's College, 2018
  • Kellogg College Scholarship, 2014
  • Dean of Graduate Fund, Pembroke College, 2013
  • Oxford University and OS Scholarship, 2013 - 2014


Book chapters (Think Tank publications).

Shabani, E. (2018). Social Democracy and its foes. Tirana: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Whitefield, S. & Shabani, E (2018). Overcoming Obstacles to Women’s Participation in Elections Index in Albania. Tirana: UN Women

Shabani, E. (2015). Konteksti socio-ekonomik dhe kulturor i familjes se nxenesit shqiptar. In Komunitetet Shkollore dhe politikat arsimore (pp. 48-68). Tirana: OSFA.

Shabani, E. (2015). Potenciali e prindërve për t’u organizuar dhe ndikuar në vendimmarrjen e shkollës. In Komunitetet Shkollore dhe politikat arsimore (pp. 69-81). Tirana: OSFA.

Shabani, E. (2013). Vleresimi dhe perzgjedhja e teksteve. In Altertext 2012 (pp. 13-20). Tirana: OSFA.

Shabani, E. (2013). Alterteksti dhe Matura Shteterore. In Altertext 2012 (pp. 37-41). Tirana: OSFA.

Shabani, E. (2013). Assessment process. In State Matura in Albania. (pp. 36-53). Tirana: OSFA.

Shabani, E. (2013). Results publication and mechanisms of complaint. In State Matura in Albania. (pp. 69-81). Tirana: OSFA.

Shabani, E (2007). Representation and Youth Participation. In National Youth Strategy 2007 - 2013. (pp. 15 - 19). Tirana: Ministry of Youth


Consultancy papers

Shabani, E. (2011). Technical paper - Peer review on 'Risk analysis of the Albanian Education System', produced by Project Against Corruption in Albania, Council of Europe.