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Geertje Bol

Ms Geertje Bol

Research topic:
Mary Astell and Catharine Macaulay: Virtue, Politics and Partisanship
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Political Theory Education Feminism Political Parties Religion Gender 

Academic Profile

I'm a DPhil student in political theory, more specifically in the history of political thought. Previously I completed an MPhil in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews, where I conducted research into the correspondence between Maria von Herbert and Immanuel Kant, touching upon the relationship between meaning, happiness and morality. I'm interested in women in the history of philosophy and political thought, early modern moral and political philosophy, and the relationship between partisanship and political theory.


In my doctoral research, I focus on two eighteenth-century, British women: Mary Astell and Catharine Macaulay. I am interested in the way their more polemical, partisan works relate to their politico-philosophical treatises, and the way that their ideas about virtue, human nature and religion ground their political ideas, including their thoughts on education and feminism. My project situates their works in the social, political and historical context of their time, and involves the study of more canonical figures that Astell and Macaulay were responding to, and influenced by, such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, David Hume and Edmund Burke.

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

I am available for teaching the courses Plato to Rousseau and Theory of Politics.