Jan Eijking

Jan Eijking

Research topic:
Experts in the making: Technocratic internationalism in 19th century Britain and France
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Research Themes:
Global governance Institutions and organisations International relations Political thought and ideologies Norms, legitimacy and justification 

Academic Profile

I'm a DPhil student in International Relations and have previously been at DPIR for the MPhil in International Relations. I’m interested in the politics of knowledge and the history of political thought, particularly the idea of expert governance in contemporary and historical perspectives. In the past I have done research on Colombia's claim to security expertise in Central America.

In my doctoral research, turning to history, I study the thought and practice of modern expert governance in the context of 19th century technocratic internationalism. This takes the shape of intellectual history on the one hand, with a focus on British utiliarians and French Saint-Simonians, and historical-sociological inquiry on the other, studying practices of expert governance "in action" in the case of international engineering projects such as the Suez Canal.

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

I teach undergraduate tutorials for the main IR papers in International Relations (214), International Relations in the Era of the Cold War (213)
, and International Relations in the Era of Two World Wars (212).