Jeffrey Ding

Mr Jeffrey Ding

Research topic:
The Rise and Fall of Great Technologies and Powers: The technology system model of industrial power shifts

Academic Profile

I am interested in questions at the intersection of technology and international relations, particularly how and when technological changes affect the rise and fall of great powers. 

My dissertation investigates the mechanisms by which technological innovations translate into differences in productive power among nations. The "leading sector" account, one of the prominent theoretical explanations in the international relations literature, argues that technological innovations tend to cluster in one nation, enabling that country to become the global hegemon. I test this account against case studies of previous industrial revolutions, and I also provide an alterantive explanation of how and when technological changes result in major shifts of industrial leadership of the international system.

Supplementing my dissertation research, I have separate work projects with the Center for the Governance of Artificial Intelligence (GovAI), where I analyze China's development of artificial intelligence and the strategic properties of technologies.