Jessica Sims

Ms Jessica Sims

Research topic:
Normative issues in social policy; US education and health disparities; theories of social and reparative justice
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Political Theory Government Democratic theory Education Feminism Public Policy Rights and justice Social movements States Democracy and Democratic Theory Groups, Identities and Social Movements Political thought and ideologies International ethics and global Justice Rights, Justice, and Equality 

Academic Profile

I’m an MPhil candidate in political theory and a member of Worcester College, where I am a C. Douglas Dillon Scholar. My primary areas of interest are normative issues in public policy, with particular interest in US education and health policies, theories of social and reparative justice, and the history of political thought. Before beginning my graduate studies, I worked as a research assistant for the International Panel on Social Progress and as an English and writing tutor. I hold a BA from Princeton in Philosophy and a Certificate in Cognitive Science. 


C. Douglas Dillon Scholarship, Worcester College, Oxford (2017-2019)

    - Awarded in the fields of politics, diplomacy, governance, and international relations

St. Hilda's Social Science Scholarship (Declined) (2017)

BA Honors in Philosophy, Princeton University (2016)

Certificate in Cognitive Science, Princeton University (2016)