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Johannes Kniess

Mr. Johannes Kniess

Research topic:
Justice and the Social Distribution of Health
Degree course:

Academic Profile

I have recently completed a DPhil in Politics at St. Cross College, working under the supervision of Prof. David Miller and Prof. Cecile Fabre. My primary research interests lie in the field of normative political theory. In my DPhil thesis, I focused on inequalities in the field of health, and attempted to integrate a concern for health and health inequalities into a general theory of distributive justice. I am also more broadly interested in global justice, human rights, egalitarianism and the relationship between social science and political theory.

Prior to beginning my doctoral studies, I earned a graduate degree in political science from the Free University Berlin, and a MSc in Political Theory Research from Oxford. In 2015, I was a visiting student at the Department of Global Health and Population at Harvard University.

From September 2017 onward, I will be a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Values and Public Policy at Princeton University.

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

Political Theory; Moral Philosophy; Bioethics


Since 2013 - DPIR-St. Cross College Doctoral Studentship
2012-2013 - Michael Foster Memorial Scholarship (German Academic Exchange Programme and University of Oxford)
2010-2011 - Carlo Schmid Fellowship at the Ethics and Health Unit, World Health Organization, Geneva


"Obesity, Paternalism and Fairness," Journal of Medical Ethics 41(2015): 889-892.

Conference Papers and Presentations

"Restricting the Harms of Trade: The Case of Tobacco," Political Theory Research Seminar, University of Oxford, February 2017

"Nudge With a Catch: The Problem of Preference Architecture," Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy, University of Pavia, September 2016

"The Human Right to Health: Naturalistic or Political?" 7th Braga Meeting on Ethics and Political Philosophy, University of Minho, June 2016

"Defining Disease," Health Ethics Works in Progress Series, Harvard University, October 2015

"Justice in the Distribution of Health," Brave New World Conference, University of Manchester, June 2015

"Thinking about Responsibility for Health," Annual Graduate Conference in Political Theory, University of Warwick, February 2015

"Global Justice and Health: A Pluralist Framework," Nuffield Political Theory Workshop, University of Oxford, November 2014