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Joonas Taras

Mr Joonas Taras

Research topic:
Comparative political economy; Nature of digital capitalism; Local participatory development
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Institutions and organisations Public Policy Political Economy 

Academic Profile

Research Interests: Examining the effects of political-institutional variables on the nature of digital capitalism. Understanding the dynamics of participation and its local development effects.



PhD candidate in Politics (Political Economy), 2016-..., University of Oxford 

MSc Politics Research with Statistics, 2014, University of Oxford

BSc Government, 2013, London School of Economics 

BA Economics and Politics, 2012, Sciences Po Paris 


Skills and Training Received

Intermediate Quantitative Methods, R Labs (applied statistics), Qualitative Methods, University of Oxford

Mathematics for Statistics, Mathematics for Economics, London School of Economics


Academic Teaching

Quantitative Methods Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA), Oxford Q-Step Centre, 2020-21, University of Oxford 

Comparative Political Economy tutorials, PPE final year course, 2019-20 & 2020-21, University of Oxford 


Research Assistance

Research Affiliate, Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, 2018-19, University of Oxford 

Research Assistant for Prof. L. A. Payne, LAC, 2017, University of Oxford 

Research Assistant for Prof. R. Zubek, DPIR, 2014, University of Oxford 


Other Academic Activities

Political Economy Research Group, Chairs: Prof. J. Gingrich, Prof. D. Rueda, 2017-21, University of Oxford 

Pembroke-King’s College Exchange, in Development and International Macroeconomics, 2013, University of Cambridge 



 4.   Taras, Joonas (2016). Participatory Budgeting in Brazil: Impact on Municipal Spending and Citizens’ Wellbeing. Tallinn: Digital Archive of National Library.

 3.   Diniz, Laura; Meunier, Frédéric; Mortada, Haya; Rakhimova, Parvina; Taras, Joonas (2015). Registering Property: The Paths of Digitization. Washington DC: World Bank.

 2.   Taras, Joonas (2012). New Wave of Enlargement: Is the EU Enlargement Fatigue Finally Over for This Time? Diplomaatia, 105 (5). 

 1.   Taras, Joonas (2010). Mistral-Class Assault Vessels Sales Transaction in French Written Media. International Centre for Defence Studies (ICDS) Working Paper Series 10/2010.


Awards and Scholarships

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Estonia, Doctoral Fellowship, 2016-19

National Thesis Competition of Estonia, Social Sciences, Master’s degree category, 3rd prize, 2015

UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Studentship, 2013-14 

Clarendon Fund Scholarship, University of Oxford, 2013-14

Young Scholar Grant, Ministry of Education of Estonia, 2009-12 


Invited Talks and Conference Presentations

Solving the Sharing Economy Challenge: The Case of Estonia. Presentation at the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS) Conference at Stanford University, United States. June, 2018.

Political Economy of Platform Policies: Who Wins and Why? Presentation at the Political Science Seminar Series at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. March, 2018.



French (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Estonian (native), Italian (basic), Russian (basic).