Kaya Axelsson

Kaya Axelsson

Research topic:
Environmental Politics
Degree course:
kaya (.) axelsson (at) gmail (.) com

Research Themes:
Environment and Climate Change Gender Institutions and organisations Public Policy Social movements Gender Comparative Politics and Government  Groups, Identities and Social Movements Political thought and ideologies Political economy and international political economy 


"Stepping up climate action at home: How local governments, the private sector, and civil society can work domestically help deliver NDCs and raise ambition”.
With Associate Professor Tom Hale, Senior ResearcherGlobal Economic Governance Program. University of Oxford.
A Science Based Approach to Workplace Inclusion: Take the focus off of difference. The Neuroleadership Journal. 


Working paper:

Political Will & Post-Carbon Power: Renewable Energy Market Expansion in U.S. States


Media Clips:

Climate Damages and Deception: Panel Reviews California Legal Actions Against Fossil Fuel Industry”, Desmog Blog (September 2018)

Do Protests Matter? What the Trump Resistance Can Learn from the Tea Party”, Yes! Magazine (January 2018)

What We are doing to Fight Trump Might Not Be Enough”, Alternet (March 2017)

Organizing Profiles in Seattle Weekly and Seattle Times (June, 2017 and January 2017) 

Ending the Epidemic of Sexual Assault”, Huffington Post (May, 2014)

Interviewed on the Katie Couric Show for promoting healthy body image: “USC Students Embrace Bodies”