Lavi Melman

Mr Lavi Melman

Job Market Candidate

Research topic:
Political Education in Allied-Occupied Germany - Exogenous Reform for Democratic Consolidation
Degree course:
Curriculum vitae:

Research Themes:
Citizenship Democracy and Democratisation Education Foreign Policy and diplomacy Identity Nationalism Statebuilding European Union Constitutions, Institutions and Governments Comparative Politics and Government  Media, public sphere and public life 

Areas of expertise

Political consulting

Education policy

Israeli Politics

Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab Conflicts 

Israel-EU relations (including Israel-German and Israel-UK relations)


Academic Profile

I reserach about the West Germany after WWII, and the influence of the educational reforms introduced by the allies at the occupation period (1945-1949) on the current political education policy in Germany.

From a comparative historical analysis perspective, the occupation period serves as a critical juncture, leading to institutional change and parallel trajectories in the education system across German states. Using process tracing methodology, I assertain that the allies’ individual activity serve as the explanatory variable for the varied political education policy nowadays.

Interested to learn more about the influence of education on political behavior and attitudes, and the creation of educational programs for peacebuilding and peacekeeping - I also participated in several courses at the MSc in Comparative and International Education at the Department of Education, namely "Comparative and International Education" and "Education and Skills Policy and Politics in Comparative Perspective".

Moreover, I focus in my resarch on the European Union, and participated in the elective courses at the DPIR "European Foriegn Policy", and "Comparative European Parliaments".


- Hebrew, native speaker (C2 level)              

- English, fluent (C1 level)            

- German, fluent (C1 level)              

- French, proficient (B2 level)

- Arabic, proficient written

- Czech, basic (A1 level) 

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

As a teaching assistant at IDC Herzliya, Israel, I was supporting courses on Arabic language, Introduction to the European Union, European External Relations, and European Economy.

My research interests involve Israeli politics and foreign relations (legislation, political campaigns, gender and religious minorities, Israeli-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts, Israel-German relations), European Union (foreign policy and development policy), and Education policy (education for conflict resolution, peacebuilding and peacekeeping, democratic and citizenship education).


-       Belgium, 2018 (1,000€); European Jewish Fund, European Union of Jewish Students

-       Czech Republic, 2016 (1,500€); Ministry of Education

-       Germany, 2014-2018 (15,000€); DAAD, German Bundestag, Goethe Institute, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, University of Potsdam

-       Israel, 2013-2015 (10,000€); IDC Herzliya, Kramer Fellowship, Ragonis Foundation


-       Golan, G., & Melman, L. (in press). What do they do when they get there: Women of the 18thKnesset or Descriptive vs. Substantive Representation. In M. Shamir (Ed.), Gender Gaps in Politics: Elections, Voters and Representatives(Hebrew).

-      Melman, L. (29 Nov., 2015). Address to her Excellency the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany in regard to the Future Relations with the State of Israel. Konrad Adenauer Foundation: Berlin.


Research Assistant

-       Golan, G. (2015).Israeli Peacemaking Since 1967: Factors Behind the Breakthroughs and Failures. Routledge: New York.

Conference Papers and Presentations

-       Melman, L. (22 March 2018). The Conflict and its Resolution: Political Education in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Presented at the University of Sussex, UK.

-       Melman, L. (05 Sep., 2016). Election Campaign of UTJ Party in 2015. Presented at the EAIS Conference, SOAS, University of London, UK.

-       Melman, L. (19 June, 2016). From the Past into the Future: German-Israeli Youth Exchanges. Presented at the German Israel Congress, Frankfurt, Germany. 

-       Melman, L, (26 May, 2016). Election Campaign 2015: The Religious Vote. Presented at the ISPSA Conference, Hadassah College, Israel.

-       Golan, G., & Melman, L. (23 Oct., 2014). Descriptive vs. Substantive Representation? Women Members of Knesset Between 1993-2013. Presented at the Gender Gap in Voting and its Implications on Policy Design Conference, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Israel.

-       Melman, L. (31 Dec., 2012). Education for Democratic and Jewish Values in the State of Israel. Presented at the Democracy Convention, IDC Herzliya, Israel.


Colloquia and Conferences for Research Students

-       Melman, L. (23 Feb., 2018). The Influence of Political Education on Democratization in West Germany after WWII. Presented at the Oxford Master Colloquium, University of Oxford, UK.

-       Melman, L. (10 Dec., 2015). Election Campaign of UTJ Party in 2015. Presented at the Rabin Conference, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

-       Melman, L. (14 March, 2014). The Influence of Intelligence over Decision Making Process. Presented at the IDC Master Colloquium, IDC Herzliya, Israel.