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Mats Ahrenshop

Mats Ahrenshop

Research topic:
Political Economy of Taxation and Political Participation
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Methods Political Economy 

Academic Profile

My research interests are at the intersection of political economy and development, with a particular focus on state capacity, taxation, and political participation.


IPA Competitive Fund on Advanced Research Methods in the Social Sciences (2021; $18,600)

J-PAL Governance Initiative Travel Grant for fieldwork in Pakistan (2019; $5,000)

ESRC Grand Union DTP Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) Scholarship (2019-2022; ~ £85,000)



Resettlement Lies: Suggestive Evidence From 29 Large Dam Projects (with Julian Kirchherr and Katrina Charles), World Development, Vol. 114 (2019), pp. 208--219.



'Do Anti-Corruption Policy Proposals Attract Votes?'

'Are Village Leaders Impartial Agents of the State? Evidence From Elite Survey Experiments in Bihar' (with Tanushree Goyal and Sam Van Noort)


Work in progress:

'Tax earmarking, general fund taxation and citizen engagement: A survey experiment in Uganda'

'Private or collective action? Revisiting the relationship between taxation and citizen engagement'

'Improving Sampling and Generalizability in Field Experiments using Targeted Multi-Mode Convenience Samples and MRP' (with Ray Duch and Philip Clarke)