Mats Ahrenshop

 Mats Ahrenshop

Research topic:
Political Economy of Development
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Methods Public Policy Political Economy Comparative Politics and Government  

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

Teaching Assistant:

Experimental Research, DPIR -- Trinity Term 2019

Intermediate Statistics, DPIR -- Michaelmas Term 2019


J-PAL Governance Initiative Travel Grant, 2019 ($5,000)

ESRC Grand Union DTP Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) Scholarship, 2019--2022

Wadham College Pollard Fund Research Grant, 2018

CTSE Research Grant, Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS), Nuffield College, 2018


Resettlement Lies: Suggestive Evidence From 29 Large Dam Projects (with Julian Kirchherr and Katrina Charles), World Development, Vol. 114 (2019), pp. 208--219.


Under review:

'Do Voters Care About Corruption? Evidence From Conjoint Experiments in India and the UK'


Working paper:

'Who Is Cheating and Why? Experimental Evidence on Tax Compliance' (with Ray Duch and Hector Solaz)

'Ranked Conjoint Experiments: Design and Application' (with Spyros Kosmidis) -- EGAP pre-analysis plan


Conference Papers and Presentations

Costs, Credibility, and Relative Salience: Why Voters Don't Sanction Politicians for Corruption. Poster presentation at Toronto Political Behaviour Workshop, September 2018.