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Patrick Quinton-Brown

Patrick Quinton-Brown

Research topic:
The Non-Aligned Movement and Intervention in Global Order

Research Themes:
United Nations Global governance Identity International law International order International organisations Sovereignty Violence security and conflict 

Academic Profile

My current research focuses on North-South relations, global governance, normative contestation, and the “sovereignty/intervention” debate in the United Nations. Drawing from interpretive political science and original archival work, I consider how particular rules and institutions of international society have been animated and transformed through confrontations attentive to issues of power and hegemony. More broadly I am interested in critical IR theory, Third World identities, global historical sociology, IOs, and the history of international political thought, with particular reference to concepts like the Responsibility to Protect. Additional interests include Latin American contributions to global order and Tricontinentalism.

Before starting my doctorate, I completed an MPhil in International Relations (Distinction, St Antony’s) at the University of Oxford, and a BA in International Relations (Gold Medal in the Arts, Trinity) at the University of Toronto.

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

I teach courses in political science, history, and IR to undergraduate students.


Recently published: The South, the West, and the meanings of humanitarian intervention in history. Review of International Studies, 46(4), 514-533. doi:10.1017/S0260210520000236. Available at https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/review-of-international-studies/article/south-the-west-and-the-meanings-of-humanitarian-intervention-in-history/E6A3C2D6E844D69952F84E69D63EB4A4.

Summary and discussion available at https://www.bisa.ac.uk/articles/south-west-and-meanings-humanitarian-intervention-history.