Sabrina Martin

 Sabrina Martin

Research topic:
Global Justice and International Trade
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Research Themes:
Political Theory Feminism International ethics and global justice Political Economy International ethics and global Justice Political economy and international political economy 

Academic Profile

Sabrina Martin is a DPhil student in Political Theory working on ethics and international trade. She earned her MSc with honours in Political Theory from The London School of Economics. For her BA, she graduated with a double major in 'Institutions & Policy' and Philosophy from William Jewell College's Oxbridge honors program, where she graduated magna cum laude with honors in economics. 

Sabrina's research focuses on interdisciplinary work in political theory and the political economy of international trade, and she is particularly interested how political theory can work with other disciplines to become a more outward-looking field. She also has a passion for feminist theory and its application, and has worked with both the DPIR and her college, Lady Margaret Hall, on feminism and inclusivity issues.

Sabrina was a primary organiser of Oxford's 5th Annual Graduate Political Theory Conference in May 2015, the topic of which was 'Feminism and (Political) Progress.' She also serves as the Graduate Representative for DPhils in Political Theory and sits on the DPIR's Equality and Diversity Working Group. 

Teaching specialism, interests and experience

Sabrina is available for teaching Theory of Politics; Political Thought: Plato to Rousseau; Political Thought: Bentham to Weber. She would also be interested in teaching self-designed tutorials in political theory for visiting students, having been one at Oxford herself.

Her teaching qualifications can be found below.

Oxford Teaching

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford     2015 – Present  

  • Seminar Leader for ‘Foundations of Public Policy’ Course on Master’s of Public Policy degree (Michaelmas 2015, 2016)

Wadham College, University of Oxford     Summer 2016

  • Graduate Tutor for Politics Summer School

Oriel College, University of Oxford     Hilary 2016

  • Thesis Supervisor for Undergraduate Politics Thesis on ‘the boundary problem’ in democracy

OSAP Visiting Student Program     Hilary 2016

  • Tutor for Feminist Political Theory (designed and taught)


Additional Teaching Experience

Oxford Royale Academy     Summer 2015 – Present

  • Teacher for Economics, Politics & International Relations, World Affairs courses

Greene’s Tutorial College     2015 – 16

  • Tutor for A-Level Government and Politics, Philosophy and SAT/ACT test preparation


  • Lady Margaret Hall Development Fund award recipient
  • LSE Dissertation with Distinction selected for internal publication
  • Boatwright Economic Leadership Scholar
  • Outstanding Senior in Philosophy Award, William Jewell College
  • Faculty Award Finalist
  • Oxbridge Research Grant recipient


Peer-reviewed articles

‘A (Non-Ideal) Global Basic Structure’ in The Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics, 2015 (available in early view)

Conference Papers and Presentations

Invited Talks

  • Magdalen College School, Politics Department     May, 2016     ‘Feminist Waves and the State: Rights, Redistribution and Recognition’
  • Magdalen College School, Philosophy Department     March, 2016     ‘Global Economic Inequalities and International Trade - What is 'Fair?’


  • ‘Freedom and Global Justice: Steiner and Cohen on the Distribution of Freedom’ atMANCEPT Workshops; Manchester, UK, September 2014
  • ‘A (Non-Ideal) Global Basic Structure’ at Realizing Global Justice: Theory and Practice; Tromsø, Norway, June 2013
  • ‘A.N. Whitehead and Justice Cardozo’s Influence on Tort Law’ at The 9th International Whitehead Conference; Krakow, Poland, September 2013
  • ‘Exchange Rates, Optimal Currency Areas, and the EMU’ at The Duke Colloquium; Missouri, USA, May 2010