Sam Rowan

Mr Sam Rowan

Research topic:
International politics of climate change
Degree course:

Research Themes:
Environment and Climate Change Global governance International law International cooperation International organisations International organisations 

Academic Profile

Sam Rowan completed his doctorate in International Relations at Christ Church, University of Oxford in May 2019. He is currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher in international climate policy in the Climate Econometrics program at Nuffield College, University of Oxford.

Sam's research focuses on international cooperation, particularly institutionalized cooperation in climate change. His doctoral thesis is titled "Participation and cooperation in global climate governance" and was supervised by Professor Duncan Snidal. Sam has research interests across international cooperation, international organizations, climate change, global environmental politics, and ideal point estimation.

Sam also completed an MPhil in International Relations at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford and a BA (Honours) in Political Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. 

More information is available on Sam's website.